Welcome to The Red Horse Farm The Red Horse Farm was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating a place where each person who comes to visit might, for a short while, forget the outside world as their shoulders relax, their spirits lift and they get a deeper relationship with their horse. No matter if they are a boarder with a lifetime connection to their horse or a student who visits us for an hour on a sunny Saturday afternoon; each person could feel supported in a drama free, picturesque environment.

Kristal and Walter are full-time owner operators of The Red Horse Farm. We work tirelessly to make our boarding barn and riding lesson programs the best they can be. Kristal brings over 25 years of experience as an equine professional. These years of dedication has given her an in-depth knowledge of equine nutrition, animal health and horse training. Kristal works to make sure that each horse we are given responsibility for is as happy and healthy as possible. She has a keen eye for when trouble might arise and works with Walter to train our staff to quickly recognize and communicate any challenges the horses may have. Walter brings decades of customer service, business management and human resource training to The Red Horse Farm. His skills complement Kristalís to make sure that each person who is part of The Red Horse Farm family is skilled and attentive at taking care of every horse, boarder and student who visits us.

A Quick Walk through in Summer at The Red Horse Farm

A Quick Walk Through in Winter